June 10th – 15th, 2013
Free to all, with or without badges.
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Conférences – The AAA’s daily Café-Croissant encounters
Hosted by Alexis Hunot – Activist and animation specialist

Every morning of the festival week, you can join us for a hot drink and croissants, in the company of well-known animation professionals.

Our programme:
8.30am - 9.00am ....free coffee and croissants
9.00am - 9.15am ....Welcome speech and topics of the day
9.15am - 9.30am ....The Film The Festival Won’t Be Showing Today
9.30am - 10.45am ...Guest talks
10.45am - 11am .....Gems from the Web
11.00am - 12.00am ..meeting with our favorite guest
12.00am - 12.15am ..to be continued…

Monday, June 10th
Which economic model suits contemporary animation?
….with Train Train Studio / FICAM / AFCA

Tuesday, June 11th
Is there a critic in the room?
….with Hefang Wei / N.Troshinsky

Wednesday, June 12th
Women and animation
….with Georges Schwizgebel

Thursday, June 13th
Animated Documentaries
….about Mlle Kiki et les Montparnos and the CNC scenario library
….with Amélie Harrault, Olivier Catherin, Morad Kertobi

Friday, June 14th
Can one be creative in commissioned works?
….with J. Clapin / N. Jacquet

Saturday, June 15th
So… Animation is a genre and frame by frame is the technique?
….In the presence of many of the previous guests.
….Meeting with Marcel Jean, rounding off the festival before the official closing ceremony.

For our second year partnering with the Les Nemours cinema, the AAA’s Café-Croissant encounters are doubling up on our morning offerings, with a second projection room showing off some of the sheer range of ideas and the wonderful creativity proper to animated features.

9.20am - 9.30am .....Greetings
9.30am - 10.45am ....First showing
10.50am - 12.00am ...2nd showing

Monday, June 10th
9.30am ....Independent producers collective – carte blanche 1
10.50am ...Independent producers collective – carte blanche 2

Tuesday, June 11th
9.30am ....Train-Train Studios – carte blanche 1 : « Best of »
10.50am ...Zewebanim surprise – selection 1

Wednesday, June 12th
9.30am ....AFCA – Carte blanche
10.50am ...Children’s Showing, set 1 – selected by Florian Deleporte

Thursday, June 13th
9.30am ....FICAM – Carte blanche
10.50am ...Train-Train Studios – carte blanche 2 : « Our Favourites »

Friday, June 14th
9.30am ....Zewebanim surprise – selection 2
10.50am ...By the Abbey of Fontevraud Residency – carte blanche

Saturday, June 15th
9.30am ....Children’s Showing, set 2 – selected by Yves Bouveret
10.50am ...Supinfocom / La poudrière – carte blanche

Free activities

The AAA will be setting up at the Square de l’Evêché and showing off several different steps of the work that goes into creating animated films.

“Quiet please, we’re making noise!”
Workshop headed by Yan Volsy, composer and foley artist

An animated film does not generate its own audio, so everything must be created specifically. This interactive workshop aims to show and explain how a soundtrack to an animated feature is conceived, recorded, and synchronized to the visuals, simply using only such elements as are underhand.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2-5pm
All ages workshop, taking place at the MJC and youth activity centres
Thursday, June 13th
Workshop for school groups, prior signing up required.

Man Is a Mobile Animal
With our partners from La Ménagerie, an association for animated cinema

Interactive shoot of animated sequences combining posters and pixilation.
Passers-by can join in and help us for a few minutes, either on the animation, by putting up posters, or participating as an extra on set.
The resultant video sequence will be shown on the spot at the end of the day, and subsequently made available online at: www.atelieraaa.org and www.lamenagerie.com

Friday June 14th 2-5pm

“Quiet please, we’re Still making noise!”
Workshop headed by Yan Volsy, composer and foley artist

All-comers are invited to join Yan Volsy in the Art & History Conservatory’s projection room
to edit, fiddle, distort, synchronise and finally mix the sounds recorded during the previous 2 workshops.
A chance to get a look into some inside secrets to making a soundtrack for an animated feature.

Friday, June 14th, 2.30pm-4.30pm

Film shooting
Free and open to all comers.

“Travel Portraits” with the AAA Studios

Calling all actors and animators, professionals and amateurs, passionate fans or the merely curious… to join us in the shooting of a short life-size volume-animation feature, right at the heart of the Courier shopping centre, taking our inspiration from the works of Bastien Dubois’ Travel Portraits (Portrait de Voyages) and his current exhibit.

Our goal is to create a giant ‘Travel Journal’, using several elements from the original series’ episodes (such as cardboard cut-out characters, a raft…) and making them come together to meet in the centre of the Courier mall.

Using the mixed techniques of stop-motion and pixilation, come and join us and let your imagination out to play – interact with the cardboard characters, bring stamps and postcards to animated life, and share with us whatever the magic word “travel” brings to your mind…

Galerie Courier shopping centre
From Wednesday June 5th to Saturday June 15th
Daily from 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Open Day
At the AAA

Saturday June 15th